System requirements Betrayer

OS: Windows Vista 64-bit.
Processor: 3.0 GHz dual core or better.
Video card: Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible with 1GB video RAM or better (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 6850)
DirectX: Version 9.0c.
Disk space: 4 GB.
Sound Card: Windows compatible stereo sound card.



Betrayer is a computer game made in the original black and white style, moreover, with three-dimensional graphics, and a first-person view. Many will like the game not only for the original design, but also for an interesting plot that will narrate fictional events in the bygone time. High-quality gameplay will be accompanied by no less high-quality graphics, as the game is built on a powerful game engine and was created by Blackpowder Games developers studio. An interesting move is black and white graphics with small splashes of red, which highlight useful things and enemies. Thus, the developers left a place for creativity for the players themselves, who in their heads finish the remaining details. By the way, the game Betrayer can be downloaded torrent on our website.

More about the game

Betrayer – a game in the form of an adventure action game with a third-person view, the scene of which is the New World of the Middle Ages. The protagonist is an Englishman who, upon arrival at the colony, meets on his way only ghosts and numerous ruins of dead cities. His goal is to find out all the reasons for what happened and all that is happening in the district.
It is worth noting that the game does not contain any designated missions and indications of certain quest tasks. As a result, at the beginning the player may be confused by the lack of direction to carry out their actions. But looking around a bit, the player will be able to detect the presence of the necessary guiding threads meticulously documented on the inverter windows.

Game features

You can effectively kill your enemies, which are conquistadors, besides a direct battle, by stealing under the cover of tall grass or carrying out the wind that was outlined simultaneously with the sudden gust of wind that drowns out the noise of our steps. The arsenal of weapons designed to kill your enemies is represented by the types appropriate to their time: bows, throwing tomahawks, muskets, etc.

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