System requirements Besiege:

Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
CPU: 2 GHz
Video Card: OpenGL 2.1
Disk space: 200 Mb


If you like thinking-developing games and at the same time entertaining, then Besiege really needs to download the torrent, because it is just perfect for such a pastime. The developer is Spiderling Studios, for which this project is the first. The game will talk about the battles taking place in the medieval period, here during the battles mechanical machines will be involved in huge sizes.

More about the game

Besiege gamers will need to create such a machine with their own hands, which will be aimed at a specific task, for example, to destroy a castle or destroy an army of knights. You will need to connect your imagination all the time, but do not be zealous so as not to create an absolutely useless design. All inventions are closely related to the laws of physics. A lot of elements will be offered for creating a machine, so a catapult is indispensable here.

Game specifics

It will be necessary not only to build, but also to take into account the features of each element – its weight, dimensions, as well as many other fundamental factors, so that the machine for fighting was truly functional, and did not immediately fall apart into parts.
There are so many kinds of details that you can create anything – even a tank or helicopter from the Middle Ages. You can not only throw stones, but also shed a stream of fire on the opposing army.
The plot of the game consists of completing quite interesting and understandable missions, for example, destroying a mill or an entire army detachment.

At moments when an explosion occurs and everything shatters into pieces, a very bright and beautiful picture is obtained, especially if the slowmotion mode is on, which can always be activated.
Also, in order to make the game even more fun, the creators have provided a sandbox mode, from which the player will be delighted, thanks to the endowed features.
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