Beautiful Girl Fight School

System requirements Beautiful Girl Fight School:

OS: Windows XP or better
CPU: i5
Video Card: i5 Graphics
Disk Space: 4 GB


Beautiful Girl Fight School

This game is a 3D fighting game in anime style with a third-person view in which the player plays the role of a high school student who has fallen into a new school. To prevent local hooligans from mocking herself, the new girl has to use her own fists and martial arts techniques, which she knows perfectly. The game takes place in a school for girls, so the opponents of the main character will be pretty schoolgirls who also have martial arts skills. You can download the Beautiful Girl Fight School torrent on our website and plunge into the exciting battles of beautiful schoolgirls.

More about the game

The gameplay of Beautiful Girl Fight School, the torrent of which you can download on our website, consists of moving around various school locations, such as classrooms, a medical office, a swimming pool and even a school toilet. In locations, the main character will meet local hooligans and defeat them using numerous fighting techniques. At the beginning, the player will encounter not very strong opponents, but, as you progress, the difficulty will increase and to win at later stages of the game you will need to give all the best.

Game features

Sooner or later, the main character will have to use every opportunity to defeat another school hooligan. The main character, and with it the player, can hone her skills in a special training room, where you can beat a punching bag that hangs right in the middle of the classroom. Downloading Beautiful Girl Fight School from a torrent, you will ensure a fascinating adventure in the campaign of cute anime schoolgirls, hurricane battles and a fun atmosphere, because the game is somewhat ironic over classic third-person fighting games. Funny graphic style and charming heroines will not let the player get bored on the way to recognition in the new school.

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