Beat Invaders


System requirements Beat Invaders

OS: Windows 10
Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core or similar
Video card: GeForce 700 series or similar
Disk space: 120 MB
Gamepad Support: Full

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Beat Invaders

This is an arcade adventure that tells the story of how a column of spaceships had to deliver an important cargo, overcoming not only vast expanses, but also fighting against a variety of enemies. You will lead the movement of the column and do everything to protect it. By the way, the main advantage will be that the convoy is run by seasoned pilots who have seen many battles. Therefore, you will not have problems with the destruction of enemies who will attack you in hordes. You can make the music louder and take shots to the beat, which are guaranteed to help you achieve a good result. And first of all, we recommend that you download the Beat Invaders torrent on your PC so that you can enjoy every moment of your space adventure.

Tactical approach

Although this adventure has an arcade theme, it will allow you to enjoy the full scope of the adventure. The emphasis here is on tactics that will allow you to initially calculate all the resources and the possibility of tactical destruction of all your enemies. Yes, at first it may seem that it will be enough just to destroy your enemies, but when there are more and more of them, you will have to think over your actions and take into account the features of each available transport shuttle. But we will not climb into the jungle and simply invite you to personally get acquainted with all the features of this adventure. We are sure that you will enjoy this format of arcade entertainment and you will be able to demonstrate your skills as a captain.


Try to help a group of space transport ships and make sure that not a single enemy comes even a millimeter closer to the cargo. You just have to follow the development of the situation and personally direct the shelling of enemies directly. And to start training your skills, it will be enough for you to download Beat Invaders via torrent for free and after that you can safely move towards success.

Game features

Arcade exciting adventure.
Ability to manage all ships at once.
Improve the guns on your shuttles.
Get ready for a fierce confrontation.

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