Bear With Me: The Lost Robots

System requirements Bear With Me: The Lost Robots

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 +
Processor: Support for SSE2 instructions
HDD: 1200 MB on the hard drive
Video Card: DX10 Compatible
DirectX Version: 9.0
Also: Keyboard, mouse


Bear With Me: The Lost Robots

In the game Bear With Me: The Lost Robots, download via torrent which can be found on our website, the protagonist has to get into a detective story. It will happen with the main characters before the beginning of the first 3 chapters of the original project. Nothing changes in the style of the investigation, all the same kind noir. Enchanting music will accompany the gamer throughout the game. You have to travel to various levels, go through various quests and conduct interrogations with an addiction.

More about the game

The gameplay is familiar to all puzzle lovers. It revolves around a central plot canvas. As always, the players have to go to the crime scene, talk with people suspected of committing any criminal cases, go on the trail of criminals, and complete quests. The sooner you find the information you need, the faster you finish the job. Although it does not mean that everything will be simple, since unexpected turns await you and you have to find out unpleasant details about individual personalities, you can learn all this by downloading the Bear With Me: The Lost Robots project from our torrent site.

This project can be called unusual because it combines several genres: a detective with many funny sketches, a psychological thriller and horror. These styles are intertwined around 4 acts of the game. Therefore, in the Bear With Me: The Lost Robots project, downloading via torrent, which can be done on our website, it does not matter how you solve your affairs, the main thing is to get a positive result when solving a crime.

Of the characters, you have to face the bear. He was pretty battered in life, he saw a lot of terrible things in his life. Various characters will help him, among them Amber. She sees good in bad and tries to show it to others. Although not all heroes will help the player. Some will not let him investigate, interfering with him. Therefore, always look at both.

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