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The legendary arcade battletoads is back! One of the best representatives of the genre “beat them all” or beat`em up will be reassembled in a new way. DLaLa Studios is responsible for developing the game, while the publisher is the omnipresent Microsoft Game Studios. Fortunately, PC owners and Windows 10 users will be able to play this immortal masterpiece of the gaming industry, known to not all, then to most modern gamers.

As the game makers themselves promise, in the Battletoads of 2019, we are waiting for the good old game in a new way: the textures will be redrawn manually and completely, here you can also include the scenery along with the cult characters. From the point of view of graphics, the game about combat toads will be executed in a pseudo-three-dimensional space, namely in 2.5D. Enjoy the new adventures of the restless frogs, travelers will be in 4K format.

Rush, Sitz and Pimple are back in business! Play in single player mode for one of these legendary fighting frogs, or get together with friends at one computer, or in a local co-op, and complete the game for a maximum of three. Fans of the genre of 2D platformer will not leave Battletoads unattended.


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