Battlefield 2 Special Forces

System requirements Battlefield 2 Special Forces

OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz or equivalent in performance
Video: Accelerator of three-dimensional graphics with 128 MB of video memory, with support for pixel shaders version 1.4

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Battlefield 2 Special Forces

There is good news for all fans of the popular shooter: the Battlefield 2 Special Forces bonus addition, which is a full-fledged game product, is presented to your attention. Here the story tells about new units for which you can now play. For the choice, six units appear to you, so there are plenty to choose from.

More about the game

In the game Battlefield 2 Special Forces, you can play for US agents of “fur seals”, for the elite division of the British special services, for the Russian detachment of special forces, or go to the enemy’s side and play for terrorist groups. You will have access to the most modern weapons, and also in this game you will get a choice of about 30 different vehicles. The time has come to put things in order in big cities and clear them of terrorists.

Story line

If you choose a special agent for your character, then you will get access to new accessories. Now you have the opportunity to use tools such as night vision devices, all kinds of hooks and rods, tear gas cans, hand grenades and much more. All this will help you in the fight against your opponents. In Battlefield 2 Special Forces you are waiting for dangerous tasks, for which you will have to go to different parts of the planet. For those who want to side with the terrorists, all kinds of explosive devices will be available. Thanks to the use of such shells, you will be able to make a real terrorist attack.

Game mechanics

You will have to complete some tasks in complete darkness. It is in such situations that night vision devices will come in handy. So you can find your opponents and destroy them. You have to perform sabotage tasks, as a result of which you will find the location of terrorist fighters or even entire groups. If you want to download the torrent Battlefield 2 Special Forces, then visit our site. In this version of the game you will have an available single mode, where you can independently perform tasks, or become the head of the unit and manage the actions of the fighters. The tasks are very interesting, the characters are very entertaining, the enemies are dangerous and cunning. All this awaits you in this game.

Interesting Facts

In order to climb high-rise buildings, you will have to use hooks, which can also serve as weapons. The graphic design of the game is pleasantly pleasing, the gameplay captures from the first minutes, in a word, a very interesting pastime awaits you.

Features Battlefield 2 Special Forces

– Successfully completing all tasks, you will receive various awards and receive new ranks. Improve your character, improve his fighting qualities.
– Now you will have the opportunity to communicate with other players in a special chat. With it, you can transmit various information about the game process.

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