System requirements Battledroid

OS: Windows XP / 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.5Ghz or AMD equal
Video card: Geforce 8600 or AMD equal w / 512MB – 1280X800 min res.
Disk space: 100 MB
Gamepad Support: Full




Speaking of large-scale game projects using multi-player strategies, finding really interesting games is not so simple. In addition, such interactions are not often found among other projects, although some creative studios are trying to fill the market with such products. They manage to create truly worthwhile and original projects in which you can enjoy the game process. We present you the game Battledroid.

More about the game

In the presented project, you can immerse yourself in a military atmosphere and find yourself in the midst of the most unpredictable events. You will manage a military corporation whose plans are to establish world domination. But how exactly this plan will be implemented depends on tactical constructions and self-confidence. So you better not waste time and go on an adventure. You can feel for yourself all the advantages of the presented game.

Tactical command

The main feature of Battledroid interactive entertainment will be the possibility of a mixed type of gaming pastime. First, you will have access to the global map, where you can actively act. Also on it you will get the opportunity to plan your further actions and plans, to see how much your zone of influence has increased.

In the second game mode, you will have direct skirmishes with enemies. You will have a certain territory on which you can place your soldiers and then see how successful your decision turned out to be. All this looks really exciting and promises you a lot of positive impressions. But first of all, you should download the Battledroid torrent on the presented game portal, and then take the post of army commander.

Real Hardcore Rules

Also, a distinctive feature of the presented game will be that all game rules are tied to desktop adventures. Thus, you will find real hardcore and you will have to appreciate every soldier. Therefore, do not rush to make decisions, carefully weigh all your actions. You need to carefully read the game rules and go to our website to download the Battledroid torrent. Embark on an exciting adventure, believe me, it will bring you satisfaction. You will be able to discover all the abilities of a real commander. Now you should concentrate on trying to take over the world.

And now the time has come about their rights to rule in this world. But without military action, this cannot be accomplished in any way, so do not waste time and begin to become active. We suggest that you immediately go on the offensive, because in this large-scale war, it is the fact of an unexpected attack that will serve you as an advantage.

Game features

non-standard visualization;
combination of several game modes;
advantage in tactical formations;
a chance to establish world domination;
high complexity of the gameplay.

On this page you can download the game Battledroid torrent free on PC.



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