System requirements Batbarian

OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8.1 / 10
Processor: 2 GHz processor
Sound Card: Any
Gamepad Support: Full


In the game Batbarian your adventures begin in one deep cave, just to the brim full of different dangers. But what attracts is the secrets hiding there. You will have to fight with small, but very bloodthirsty monsters and solve riddles. The Pip bat will accompany you, which will brighten up your loneliness.

More about the game

You can download the Batbarian torrent on the specified Internet portal for free. You can thoroughly explore this deadly hollow of Eldrich. You need to collect all the treasures, stay alive in the confrontation with the terrible rivals who are hiding in the dark. The main thing is to effectively use your capabilities.

Game features

Your character will be a barbarian who simply does not digest magic, however, his affection for his friend Pip is simply amazing, despite the fact that Pip is a bat.
Chic dialogs where you can choose different answer options and thereby change the course of the game.
Platforms change quite quickly, so the dynamics of movements are fast.
In the cave there will be more than 300 different compartments, where terrible secrets and terrible secrets are hidden.
You can explore the location in the open and independently go through it.

You will have the opportunity to gain additional experience, valuable artifacts, many treasures for the correct solution to puzzles.
In each of the selected branches you can improve your character.
On the way you will come across traps that are better to get around if you do not want to part with life. In addition, you will need to fight the ringleaders, and they are much stronger than the ordinary monster.
Built-in multiplayer mode allows you to play with friends.

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