System requirements Bastion

Windows OS: XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7
Processor: Intel DualCore 1.7GHz or AMD equivalent
Video card: 512 MB memory, support for DirectX 9.0 and Shader 2.0
Hard disk space: 1 GB



Bastion – action with RPG elements from Supergiant Games. Events unfold in a world that was struck by an unknown cataclysm and crushed most of the territories under it. The main character comes to his senses in an incomprehensible place and goes to the Bastion, one of the urban places that could remain intact. There, the character sees the surviving Ruks, on behalf of whom there is a story in the game. Ruks shares with the hero the news that the Bastion was destroyed and for its reconstruction it will be necessary to download the Oplot from the torrent and find the Kernels.

More about the game

Locations in the video game Bastion are executed in an unusual way – the surface appears before the gamer during his movements. The locations themselves are crushed cities, impenetrable jungle and shady swamps. During the passage, the hero gains strength, looking for new weapons or improving an existing one, as well as getting the maximum health scale, passing the level. After the end of each level, the user ends up in the Bastion again and can spend the game currency accumulated in the battles there to improve weapons or buy fresh items that add strength to certain skills and abilities.

The task of going through any of the locations is to find certain things that make it possible to restore and improve the Bastion free of charge – probably the last surviving city. The restoration of the Bastion includes the construction and improvement of such structures as a forge, a monument, which makes it possible to pass tests and earn game currency and a shop, allowing the gamer to receive additional bonuses.

Bastion has come a long way before getting onto your PC monitors. The thing is that it was developed by an independent studio, consisting of just a couple of people. Therefore, it is not surprising that the creation took several years. But now she has finally been able to visit you, and you can enjoy an amazing adventure, with an equally stunning visual style.

The hero for whom you will be playing the game did not even imagine that he was to save the world of the Bastion, in which he had been living for more than one year. He has been dreaming for a day now how exactly he picks up a weapon and sets off to set his brains on his enemies. At the same time, he does not doubt for a single second that these dreams were prophetic, which the great elder confirms to him, saying that the ancient creatures who lived here for centuries chose the protagonist. Now in his hands is the restoration of the former glory of a fictional world.

In order to return the city, you will have to find special artifacts that allow you to build houses in specially designated places for this. After that, you can return life to the ruins of the city by erecting a new one on its territory. Thanks to this, it will not be difficult for you to use all sorts of magical abilities that spirits will give you. They will not only allow you to download the torrent Bastion, but also make the destruction of opponents incredibly simple. Because you can destroy them in two ways. At your disposal will be both a sword and a hammer, and spells. The main thing to use them wisely.

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