Baseball Mogul 2012


System requirements Baseball Mogul 2012

OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Processor: P600 or better (or Pentium-compatible)
Disk space: 250 MB

Baseball Mogul 2012

Baseball Mogul 2012 is the 14th edition of the best-selling computer baseball game. It is both a realistic PC game and detailed modeling for the general manager, combined into one great product. The most epic tournaments and battles of baseball teams from around the world await you. The bulk of these teams, of course, are Americans, since it was they who invented this sport.

More about the game

There are four divisions of such championships in the game Baseball Mogul 2012. Local – competitions of city teams. Regional, when teams from the same state, region, district compete. Within the country and World Championships. Your team’s success depends on tactics, the quality of the coach and players, and a little bit of luck. The advantage of this game is that not everything depends on the physical efforts of a person. You can always win only with supernatural abilities. And unfortunately, there are very few such sports.

Game features

In addition, the game can safely highlight the dynamism of the gameplay, as well as excellent graphics. The time for the match is reduced exactly 4 times to save the players’ time, and therefore the very opportunity to earn a huge number of points is also limited. As in traditional baseball, the game is over if the so-called pitcher hits the ball perfectly at the target, which is located above the field and stands. You can download and try this baseball simulator from our website.

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