Band of Defenders

System requirements Band of Defenders

OS: Windows 7 or higher.
Processor: Recent Intel i3 or AMD alternative.
Video card: Nvidia 750Ti with 2GB or AMD alternative.
DirectX: Version 11.
Disk space: 15 GB.
Optional: requires online connection.


Band of Defenders

Free torrent download, Band of Defenders is a modern online co-op first-person shooter in which four players must defend the main object from the hordes of savages and mutants that rule in a world that has survived a nuclear apocalypse. Players will have to build barricades and turrets, craft weapons and try to survive the onset of waves of enemies.

More about the game

Each match consists of several waves of enemies, between which players are given time to repair fortifications and place new ones. One of the bosses is sure to be in the last wave – this is an extremely dangerous creature that can challenge your skills.

Game features and content

– One of the reasons to download Band of Defenders torrent for free is the abundance of content and dynamic action that will allow you to enjoy every minute of the game.
– 30+ types of weapons, including pistols, assault rifles, grenade launchers, mines and futuristic cannons like laser and tesla rifles.
– 10+ types of enemies – from simple bandits with weak blows to powerful elite mutants, clad in heavy armor and with a mortar in their hands.

Key features

– 5+ maps in different post-apocalyptic locations.
– 4+ types of bosses that will challenge your skills and abilities at the end of each match.
– 4 levels of difficulty, which affect not only the strength of enemies, but also the number of waves of opponents.
– 4+ heroes – play as a brave soldier, a sexy girl-lieutenant or a huge mutant who decided to go over to the side of people and destroy their own kind.
– 200+ items for visual customization – hats, hero accessories, armor, character and weapon skins, and more.
– Endless mode – try to withstand the pressure of opponents who are getting stronger with each wave.
– No microtransactions – all content in the game is available to you!

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