Balanced Politics Simulator


System requirements Balanced Politics Simulator

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium G860
Grafik: DirectX 9 Compatible


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Balanced Politics Simulator

Politics is the most unpredictable segment of our life, which has its own rules of the game, may require attentiveness and sometimes even develop beyond any logic. Today you can personally try your luck in this direction, just download Balanced Politics Simulator torrent. In the game you will become a top-level politician and will play a global political game, defending the interests of your country and trying to extend your influence to other states.

More about the game

One should not hope for an active gameplay, since the entire gameplay will be designed exclusively for manipulating information. You will receive daily briefings, use certain controls and try to make the right decisions. Initially, it may seem that all this is quite simple, but gradually the complexity will only increase, offering far less optimal development paths. First, we recommend that you download the game torrent for free and only then get ready to actively participate in the political life of your state. We suggest not to waste time and start acting, along the way developing your skills of political struggle and prosperity.

Game features

– unusual gameplay based on the use of information summaries;
– a thin line of the political system, where every mistake can cause big problems in the state;
– nice design;
– a large selection of levers of influence;
– the ability to influence other countries.

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