System requirements Backbone:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Multi-core 1.8 GHz
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 760
Disk space: 1 GB




Today we present to your attention a game project called Backbone, the torrent of which you can download from the link in the description. This game is made in the genre of cinematic adventure with elements of action and stealth. Graphic design in pixel format. You play the role of a private detective named Howard Lothor, who is engaged in investigating cases, doing a survey of witnesses, exploring the world, is full of mysteries and secrets and is actively using stealth mechanics.

More about the game

The Backbone game perfectly combines visualization from cinematic paintings in the noir style, as well as anthromorphic animal forms and retro-futuristic technologies. You will travel around Vancouver in pixel format and you will be able to feel the history of power and prejudice.


The gameplay in the Backbone game is quite simple, you have to fulfill your duties as a detective, which means collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and trying to put together all the parts of the crime. There are no clear instructions in the game, you carry out all the actions yourself. Also in the world there are anthropomorphic forms of animals in which the scent is best developed. You need to hide at levels with high detail, disguise your own smell and trace the suspect. In addition, try to get away from a possible chase. You will have access to artifacts. This is a valuable technology of antiquity. If you can use it correctly, then it can have a strong impact on the world around you.


As mentioned above, an original animal life form will be inherent on this planet. On the streets of Vancouver, you will not find cars or anything else, because they are overgrown with plants and trees. Moreover, the branches even pierce the concrete walls, and on the roofs you can see giant flowers.
Big monkeys call themselves the founders of this virtual world, so the rest of society takes an example from them in moral and social behavior. Also in this society, Backbone games have a classification of certain types. But regarding political activity, it has long been mired in corruption schemes and fraud. However, no one knows how to change this with minimal damage to society.

Game features

A real, real world with lots of details. All events in the game will occur in Vancouver, but in general in this project a large number of locations.
An amazing visualization that combines elements of retro-futurism, noir and anti-utopian world. Therefore, the game project Backbone is truly original.
A rather complicated story with some provocation, which reveals problematic social topics, including the influence of the authorities, the corruption of the system, moral decay in society, and discrimination on any grounds. The game very clearly reveals the history of the influence of our environment and our ability to change it.

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