System requirements AVRACH RESURRECTION:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i5 2GHz or better
Video card: Intel 4xxx Series / 512MB VRAM or better
Disk space: 3 GB




Romantic stories have always attracted a lot of attention, so today we want to offer you a typical AVRACH RESURRECTION game, with an interesting plot and unusual gameplay. You are going to take on the role of a knight who was awakened by the cry of his beloved. Yes, he died in battle and now his beloved has been kidnapped by the forces of darkness. They decided to make fun of not, and she called for help from the spirits who resurrected the knight. Now he intends to find his beloved and punish all the dark creatures who are involved in these events. He is ready to fight, use any opportunity to win and try not to die, because it is unlikely that someone will resurrect him again.

More about the game

At first, I would like to note that the knight will have to fight in full uniform, with a shield and a sword. True, when he resurrects, he has nothing. Without armor, he is unlikely to be able to achieve a good result, so we suggest that you first carefully explore the interactive spaces in order to find all the necessary parts of your uniform. Some are just lying around, while others have been kidnapped by creatures that must be killed before you can take your own uniforms. Are you ready to carry out such assignments? Then do not waste time and just download AVRACH RESURRECTION via torrent on your PC for free.

Epic battles

I would like to note right away that you have to take part in dangerous battles, which will be not only unpredictable, but also dangerous. The battles themselves will take place in real time, demanding your attention and trying to offer much more tactical scope than you might think. Therefore, we suggest that you use your sword and shield in order to achieve a good result and start actively conquering virtual spaces. And for this you will need to download the AVRACH RESURRECTION torrent on your PC and after that all the features in the game will immediately become available for use.

Game features

A knight who has risen from the dead feels no pain and is obsessed with revenge. This is what his heart prompts and the very cry that awakened him. Will you be good at getting things done, will you actively use additional skills, or will you just choose to ignore everything around you? In this game, only you will make the final decision, and no one else. We wish you a pleasant game and a great mood!

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