Avalon Lords Dawn Rises


System requirements Avalon Lords Dawn Rises

Windows 7+
Processor: Intel Core2Duo.
Intel HD3000.
DirectX 9.0.
Broadband internet connection
Keyboard, mouse

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Avalon Lords Dawn Rises

At first it may seem that the genre category, which is known as strategies, has not developed for a long time and is slowly fading away. However, a game called Avalon Lords Dawn Rises is coming out very soon, which is ready to revive this genre and give players new opportunities in terms of confrontation.

More about the game

This time, users will go to the Medieval world of Avalaon. Where for a long time the world is ruled by only 6 powerful cities ruled by lords. For a long time they existed in the world, and the time has come to expand, and when expansion occurs, a war begins. The game is a classic RTS with a medieval setting. The full version of this strategy tells the story of the rise of the Order of the Dawn, in a country called Spero. Previously, the leverage of these lands were six powerful states, but some influential lords decided, by all means, to proclaim themselves the kings of these lands in order to gain complete power over Spero.

One way or another, you will have to download this game to your computer in order to take control of the land of a small settlement called Avon. Your task is to prevent the rulers from usurping your lands.

Game features

Users need to choose one of the lords with unique characteristics and act on the virtual battlefield. Build new settlements, develop infrastructure, create huge armies and fight in real time. It’s time for new battles in this exciting game!

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