Automation Empire

System requirements Automation Empire

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Processor: 3.2 GHz Dual Core Processor
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 4 GB


Automation Empire

We bring to your attention a simulator called Automation Empire, which is based on efficiency and scalability. The essence of the game is that a gamer must create an entire industrial empire from factories with almost nothing. The main thing is that the transfer of resources is always at the required level. Then you can achieve the desired result. You will have access to various tools. You can use anything you like: explosives, various types of vehicles, railways, mines and even rockets.

More about the game

Show your creativity as efficiently as possible. Also, among your tasks there will be a need to design the best option for the logistic denouement and also create the super-powerful organism that you will need for mechanical production. If you like this game genre, we recommend downloading Automation Empire torrent on our website right now. Use your imagination to create complex automata and machines. Of course, at first you will have to train on simpler mechanisms, and therefore already deal with more complex ones.

Game features

As a gamer, you will also have to expand the territory for your base. During this process, you will mine minerals and precious metals. Increasing the amount of resources will benefit your production, especially the emergence of valuable metals. Do not forget that the use of modern technology will improve the process. Therefore, try to update the infrastructure as much as possible by acquiring new automated mechanisms and systems. This will increase the number of manufactured products and improve its quality. You can download Automation Empire torrent on our game portal for free. Enjoy exploring the geological formation of our planet. In each system, you will be offered a choice of special elements. They must be included in the development of the layout.

The player can conquer the industry if he adheres to all the rules. In addition, he will be able to control what is happening. Logistic constructions of the game itself are not as important as your attentiveness and imagination. But here you must carefully plan transportation routes for your company. Also, you yourself choose a location to place your production complex and will be responsible for it. Start playing to enjoy the gameplay and great graphics. The creators of the game also made sure that the storyline was not boring.

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