Autodesk NetFabb Premium 2020 R3

Characteristics Autodesk NetFabb Premium 2020 R3

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Bit depth: 32 and 64 bit
License: Free
Size: 1.29 GB
English language


Autodesk NetFabb Premium 2020 R3

Autodesk NetFabb Premium 2020 R3 R3 is technically a very sophisticated but easy-to-use application that allows you to view, process and edit 3D models created in STL format. Due to the wide capabilities of this utility, users will be able to achieve higher quality modeling, without the presence of professional skills. STL files are designed to print simulated objects using a high-tech 3D printer. Therefore, a lot depends on the quality of these files, namely, the appearance of the object, since the slightest violation of the image surface can lead to a decrease in the quality of work.

Program Details

Here is Autodesk NetFabb – an interesting and functional solution for those who like to engage in 3D printing. The purpose of this software in both automatic and manual mode is to enable you to fix 3D models with errors. NetFabb Premium 2020 is able to automatically process three-dimensional objects, while correcting all the bumps. For a higher quality of work, you can use the manual setting, where you can adjust the position of the graphic network.

It’s no secret that quite often there may be errors in 3D modeling, you should know that the rules responsible for building a model for printing and creating models for computer games, two different things, differ greatly. It happens that you seem to have an excellent 3D model, everything is fine, but it is not suitable for printing. If there are minor problems, then often they are fixed automatically in the slicer, but if there is something more serious, you will have to tinker properly. Actually this software was created in order to fix all the errors and help you do it quickly!

Application Features:

Optimization of editing;
Russified interface;
Availability of analysis functions;
Work with the shell of the body;

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