AutoCAD Mechanical 2020.0.1

Characteristics AutoCAD Mechanical 2020.0.1

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Bit depth: 32 and 64 bit
English language
Size: 597.17 MB


AutoCAD Mechanical 2020.0.1

AutoCAD Mechanical 2020.0.1 is AutoCAD for engineering design. AutoCAD Mechanical is part of Autodesk’s digital prototype technology. The product combines the functionality of AutoCAD – the world leader among 2D CAD – with the benefits of extensive libraries of standardized components and automation tools that accelerate the execution of design tasks. AutoCAD Mechanical provides significant time savings in drawing work, so you can pay more attention to innovation.

Program Details

The functionality of AutoCAD Mechanical 2020.0.1 allows you to automate the execution of routine tasks and increase the efficiency of the production of working drawings, providing designers with competitive advantages. AutoCAD Mechanical combines the functionality of AutoCAD – the world leader in CAD – with the benefits of an extensive library of standardized components and automation tools for the current tasks of engineering design.

Features Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2020.0.1

Engineering design performance:
– Preview the results of command execution and context menus. Preview the results of the execution of the pairing, chamfer and offset commands.
– 700,000 standard parts and components. Create accurate drawings using standard components.
– Documentation of 3D CAD models. Detailing Inventor part and assembly models.
– Tools for detailing engineering drawings with support for reuse. Use smart engineering tools.
– Manage layers. Automatically place elements on the correct layer.
– Hidden lines. Updating geometry objects when making changes.
– Updating engineering design standards. Add surface roughness designations according to ISO 1302-2002.
– Component generators and calculation modules. Improved project analysis.
– Support for publishing custom details. Custom parts are added to the component library.
– Expanded toolbar for industrial production. Drawing tools designed for engineering design.
– Integration of implied dependencies. Automatically overlay dependencies on objects.
– Update standard parts manager components over the network. Quickly receive updates to editions and standards.
– Library of custom components. Create and save custom components.

Technical Design Documentation:

– Gallery of note templates. See the note template notation library on the tape.
– The total mass in the specification. Automatic calculation of assembly mass in the specification.
– Autodesk Synergy for technical design. Creation of associative sections and external elements for 3D-models.
– Intelligent dimensions for technical design. Create dimensions using simplified dialog boxes.
– Support for international design standards. Issue documentation based on design standards.
– The associativity of item numbers and specifications. Parts lists and specifications are created automatically.
– Contextual size editor. The choice of several sizes at once.
– Transfer of specifications. Automatically map and configure AutoCAD Mechanical 2020.0.1 template.
– Component libraries according to JIS and DIN standards. Extensive component libraries for Japan and Germany.
– Autodesk Content Browser. Search by file objects or text attributes.
– Annotation monitor for engineering drawing. Search for annotations with broken links in model space.

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