Ashina The Red Witch Prologue

System requirements Ashina The Red Witch Prologue

OS: 10
CPU: Any
Video Card: Any
Disk space: 15 MB
Sound Card: Any



Ashina The Red Witch Prologue

Ashina The Red Witch Prologue is an adventure quest with elements of light horror and pixel 2D graphics. And although the toy does not stand out from the graphic component, the atmosphere and storyline in it are level. As you can guess by the name, the prologue is in front of the players, that is, the first part of the game. So, the next ones will come out. In the story, the main character is an ordinary girl.

More about the game

The game begins with the fact that it is brought on a school bus to some strange, gloomy, creepy, but atmospheric world. There are no people here, although everything around indicates that they were here. Although we do not see the backstory, one can guess from the first minutes of the passage that the heroine feels at ease. At first she seeks food, then settles in local mansions. Periodically, she meets with NPCs that look like humans but behave like robots.

Story line

Gradually, the player realizes that he is being hunted by something dark and sinister. It could destroy the girl immediately, but her goal is to capture the soul, so the heroine will be tried to morally weaken with eerie sounds, frightening screeches and visits of otherworldly entities. The player has to help the girl get out of this dangerous world, until a mysterious something catches her. Help the girl get out of the trap, otherwise evil forces will capture her soul! To do this, download Ashina The Red Witch Prologue on PC via torrent for free.


The game is a walker with many quests and a partially open world. Explore all the locations that you will meet, look for quest characters who will explain what is happening in this world, travel, study, put all the pieces of the puzzle into one picture.

Game Features:

Pixel 2D graphics
Gloomy atmosphere;
Elements of horror;
A lot of quests, including a search for items, solving puzzles, completing tasks;
You are constantly haunted by evil.

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