Ascent Infinite Realm

System requirements Ascent Infinite Realm:

Operating system: Windows 7 (x64)
Processor: Intel i3 + / Rizen 3-1200 (3.1 GHz)
Video card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 760+ / AMD Radeon R9 280
Random access memory (RAM): 8 GB
Hard disk space: 30 GB
DirectX 11.0c +


Ascent Infinite Realm

The Korean company Bluehole, which delighted in the past year with the online shooter PUBG. Which has sold 20 million copies. She returns to the MMORPG genre again, where she started, because she is also the creator of TERA. The announced novelty is also aimed at great success. The world of the game is a fantasy steampunk. And this is a world that is open more than many similar ones, because in it you can travel by air. Moreover, small islands hover near the mainland. Which makes the research even more interesting. So download torrent Ascent Infinite Realm for free from us is worth trying for everyone.

More about the game

The second feature is the emphasis on the rare in its scale battles “Realm versus Realm”, that is, kingdom against kingdom. As it is clear, a lot of attention is paid to attacks from the air, but the Flying Dutchman can be preferred and something standing on his feet – one of the many mechs. Thanks to the promised grandeur of “Realm versus Realm”, the game, apparently, got its full name – Ascent: Infinite Realm, which we will translate as “Ascent: Infinite Kingdom.” And the abbreviated name refers to the great meaning of the air sphere – AIR.


As you can see, the technique in the game is presented in a wide variety of sizes. So, you can fly into the air even on Ikar’s wings, even on multi-masted aircraft. Fantastic living creatures of different constitutions, including lions and dragons, can fly in the neighborhood. On land, too, who just does not walk, and I want to especially note that the pigs in the game, instead of kneading the dirt with their snouts, carry loads. Let it be less unusual, but let us also mention the horses harnessed to carriages. Ascent: Infinite Realm makes you look forward to variety, and the developers have cleared a lot of space for it by combining steampunk and fantasy. Among other things, they were able to make sure that classes of players, both inclined to magic, and to technology and science in general, coexist in this world.

Who is who in Ascent Infinite Realm, or classes


Warlord, or you can call him a captain. In any case, we are talking about a very strong man who carries a huge hammer and a full-size shield. He hits not accurately and quickly, but very hard and slowly. If the blow does not go into the air, the enemy’s health scale decreases very noticeably. This war in the team is able to become a provocateur, who lures opponents to fight only with him, because he is armored like a tank, while others at this time can hit the vulnerable spots that appear.


Sorceress goes light, and its main item is a magic staff, and its secondary item is a dagger, which is also not an ordinary one. In the world of Ascent: Infinite Realm, these people have learned to master the unstable elements that ordinary scientists probably turned a blind eye to due to this strange instability. But in vain, because it can strengthen the wind, fan the fire, and quickly produce ice. And over time, sorcerers are able to agree. They can work at a short distance from objects or even a whole range of objects, but you cannot quickly cast spells, as well as be dexterous and powerful during this process.


Mystic, unlike the sorcerer, is closer to nature, to its natural processes, he agreed with her first of all to bring good, and sometimes good – to fight back. Therefore, lightning flies from his main weapon, a magic wand. The secondary weapon is not a weapon at all, but a totem. Various things filled with life-giving forces are needed by the mystics to heal the wounded, so in the team these are the chief doctors, but this does not mean that they do not have to often move to the front line.


Assassin in Ascent: Infinite Realm, as in other games, is of course a quiet and agile assassin. He does not like to weigh himself down, therefore both the main and the second weapon are daggers. The assassin can whirl in such a dance that the enemy will not notice how he suffered in the most vulnerable places. True, assassins who prefer light armor themselves constantly risk, especially close, of becoming a victim of an enemy who outwitted them. However, even from a distance, these warriors are able to create confusion thanks to the techniques of imperceptible combat.


Gunner uses a pair of pistols, and if pressed, pulls out a gun. In general, in this game, along with piercing and cutting and magic weapons, firearms are of great importance, including those installed on vehicles, including air ones. But back to this class: the shooter usually acts from a distance, but in order to make a critical shot from the gun, he can come pretty close. And here great dangers lie in wait for him due to the small experience of close protection and the limited mobility of the impressive barrel.

Why it is worth downloading Ascent Infinite Realm to your computer, in short:

– Battles PvP, PvE and simply extremely grandiose RvR.
– The world is open, and open, including the airspace, where the islands soar.
– You can fly on sailboats, propeller driven ships, jetpacks and simple detachable wings.
– On the ground, you can move far not only on foot, but also on different furs and carts.
– You can get what you want not only by selection and gathering, but also by crafting, building and growing.
– Various types of weapons: cold, magic and shooting things, including big guns.
– Ascent: Infinite Realm is fought not only by people, but also by winged dragons, huge amphibious reptiles, flying lions and other outlandish creatures.

And once again we remind you that the world of AIR is magical, while technically developed according to the steampunk canons. And apparently, the project turned out to be multifaceted, but harmonious. We are waiting for details about the release! And you can download Ascent Infinite Realm via torrent from the official website at the link below.

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