Arctico (Eternal Winter)

System requirements Arctico (Eternal Winter):

OS: Windows Vista
Processor: Core 2 Duo
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: Intel 4xxx Series w / 512MB VRAM
Disk space: 1 GB

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Arctico (Eternal Winter)

Arctico (Eternal Winter) was created by just one person and is so high quality, fun and colorful that it’s hard to believe. For several years now, it has been regularly revised, every detail has been improved for the most convenient gameplay. Gamers will have to test themselves for strength, going on a journey across endless snow-covered expanses and permafrost. It will not be easy to survive in these deserted lands.

More about the game

At the disposal of your hero will be a team of four dogs. If you decide to download Arctico (Eternal Winter), use the menu of our Internet portal. The only chance for salvation will be your four-legged wards, so be careful about their content. Make sure they do not weaken, do not forget to feed them, because hunger can lead to the loss of one or all of the dogs. On the snow-white expanses, try to find houses where you can spend the night and get all kinds of supplies.

Game features

Do not forget about the physical characteristics of the hero, he can be killed by thirst, hunger and cold, while you can survive only as long as there are at least some signs of life. If he dies, then the game will need to start from the very beginning. This made it necessary to move exclusively during the day, because at night hungry predators can attack you. Try to get firearms and edged weapons for hunting and self-defense. Survival tactics completely depend on the change of time of day.

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