Arakion Book One

System requirements Arakion Book One

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Core i3 3210m
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: Geforce GTX 650M
DirectX: Version 10


Arakion Book One

In Arakion Book One, you will play as three adventurers who find themselves in a world in which a global cataclysm has occurred, as a result of which a bloody war broke out on the once peaceful lands. In the midst of this chaos, the inhabitants search in vain for a place not yet touched by the conflict. And your heroes will have to stop a terrible war and return calmness and peace to the kingdom.

More about the game

But the brave heroes are opposed by the council of immortal beings. They are also called the Ancients. The ancients lived on the lands of Arakion even before the appearance of the first people. Their plan is simple – to destroy everyone who dares to challenge them. It’s time to make history; Will you be able to save the world or will you bring the moment of its final destruction closer?

Game features

Torrent downloadable from the website, Arakion: Book One includes elements of classic RPGs from the Might & Magic series, as well as a number of new features. Guide your heroes across the breathtaking locations of the kingdom of Arakion. Explore each cave looking for resources, customize your characters, build your own city, and complete exciting quests. Embark on a unique adventure inspired by the best RPG games. Arakion is a wonderful world that will gladly welcome all the brave adventurers.
The creators of the game drew inspiration from many games – from Dungeon Master to Dark Cloud 2.

Key features

We tried to collect all the best that was encountered in role-playing projects before, and implement it in one amazing game.
– No leveling up! If you’re ready to torrent download Arakion: Book One for free, keep in mind that there’s a fresh take on the RPG genre with a focus on the decisions you make, not the grind.
– Control a squad of three heroes. Gather a unique squad of representatives of different races and professions to effectively resolve conflicts that arise as you progress through the game.

– Building cities. Build a city that fits perfectly with the environment. Lots of possibilities will allow you to focus on the desired aspect – be it farming or city defense.
– Pets. The wildlife of Arakion isn’t always hostile – you can find young dangerous beasts and then tame and train them to get a new ally to fight your enemies!
– Exit by chapter. Arakion will consist of three books, each with multiple chapters!
– Strategic battles. It combines deep tactics with the need to make quick decisions, resulting in an exciting and engaging combat system.

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