Aquaponics Life

System requirements Aquaponics Life

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3, 32-bit
Processor: Dual Core CPU or AMD Athlon 64 X2
RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Grafik: OpenGL 3.0 compliant with 512MB of video RAM.
Disk space: 250 MB


Aquaponics Life

The population of the Earth is growing steadily, and therefore the issue of food is becoming more acute. Every day there are more and more people, and this leads to a shortage of products. This is where aquaponics comes in, a mixture of aquaculture and hydroponics. It is a system that allows you to grow food in an urban environment. All this you can do in the game Aquaponics Life.

More about the game

Free torrent download Aquaponics Life invites you to start your own aquaponics business and become the most successful farmer in town. Grow food and provide the inhabitants of your city with the necessary food. Manage your farm to increase your profits, and keep an eye on technology and invest in its development.

Game features

– Grow different types of plants and breed fish, along the way, get acquainted with their features.
– Find optimal conditions for growing high quality products (watch for nitrite, ammonia, nitrate, hydrogen and other factors).
– There are two types of buildings in the game: (1) A building where fish will be raised, vegetables and fruits will be grown; (2) A building that provides your farm with resources such as electricity, water, light, and more. You need to monitor the optimal performance of each of your buildings.
– Hire robotic workers and distribute responsibilities between them. Each robot can be customized to make it more efficient.

Key features

– Manage your business, improve your brand, and make sure prices match product quality. Having decided to download Aquaponics Life via torrent for free, remember that you are given a strictly defined period of time for each sale.
– At the beginning of your career, you will work as a supplier for the store closest to you. Try to increase your reputation so that you end up opening your own store and turning it into a major shopping center.
– Each customer has their own preferences: those vegetables, fruits and types of fish that one customer likes may not suit another. And it should be borne in mind that customers have different purchasing power.
– Having raised your reputation to a certain level and created a recognizable brand, you can start designing your complexes, placing decorative aquariums with rare species of fish and plants that can be sold at high prices.

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