Aquanox Deep Descent

System requirements Aquanox Deep Descent:

Operating system: Windows 7 and higher (x64)
Processor: 3.3 GHz, AMD A8-6600K / Intel Core i7-950
Video card: Direct3D 11, Shader Model 5.1 GeForce GTX 560 2 GB / Radeon HD 7870 4 GB
Free space on hard disk: 30 GB

Aquanox Deep Descent

Aquanox Deep Descent is based on the AquaNox and Deep Six genres. The first one was released a long time ago. And on the creation of one, two companies worked in turn, and the second bought the rights to the game already in the process of its creation. The game product was launched to raise funds for Kickstarter.

More about the game

The story of the game is very exciting. If you want to download the torrent Aquanox Deep Descent, then You can do it from our site, and start immediately. The point is that the planet has been destroyed by people so much that it is no longer realistic to exist safely on it. Space is not considered an option as there are no ships required. Therefore, people began to consider the option of survival in the sea. Of course, this option can hardly be called ideal, but at a time when there is not much choice, then you can use it. Now, even in the depths of water, humanity will be able to exert its influence.

Story line

Regarding the plot, the game differs from previous versions and the games that formed its basis. It can be called a modern continuation. You have to fight under water all the time, navigate with the help of submarines, armed to the teeth, as well as defend against players and destroy opponents. In the game, you can choose the appropriate settings for all processes.


Following the storyline of Aquanox Deep Descent, you will have to follow the rules of the campaign, complete tasks, and also explore the depths of the sea. You can also use the cooperative mode, where up to four people can participate, and the competitive mode.

Game features

During the development of the project, the creators use Unreal Engine 4, which as a result makes the game more positive and high quality. New from the creators. The developers made a proposal to the players – everyone who is interested can contribute to the project, express their vision of the project and the features of its functional side.

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