Apocalypse The Game

System requirements Apocalypse The Game

OS: Windows XP SP2 +
Processor: AMD FX 4350
Video Card: Radeon HD 6850
DirectX: Version 9.0
Disk Space: 5 GB
Sound Card: Mono or Stereo
Optional: 32 Bit and 64 Bit Supported



Apocalypse The Game

Survival simulators are now being developed by many well-known and little-known studios. But the Apocalypse The Game, which you can download for free on our website, is developed by only one person and at the same time it offers the player incredible opportunities. As the developer himself admitted, he used the latest graphics technologies and achievements. What came of this? And there was an excellent simulator with a first-person view in which you have to play for a man who managed to survive in a global catastrophe. Now he has to fight for his life with radiation, cold, acid rain, monsters and other people, since there are a limited number of supplies and everyone wants to get them.

More about the game

All locations in the Apocalypse The Game game, the torrent of which is offered on our website, are drawn by hand and are distinguished by a very high level of detail and realism. Last but not least, it is the merit of modern graphic technologies that are used in the game. In the game you have to survive – look for water and food, build a shelter for yourself, avoid dangerous and infected zones, and also fight for your life. Food, clean air and water are key resources to help you survive.


During research, you will come across various vehicles. Most often they will be faulty, but with a certain tenacity, you can find the necessary parts and restore the equipment. With it, you can move much faster and safer, but it also requires fuel, and its reserves are seriously limited. Among other things, from operation, the vehicle becomes unusable and can break down, so you will have to make sure that it is always in good technical condition. Of the available types of vehicles, the developer promises not only cars and trucks, but also armored vehicles, helicopters, and so on.


Surprisingly, the development of the game is only one person, and its publication – another. Here is a duet created the game Apocalypse The Game, the torrent of which can already be downloaded on our website. At the same time, work is still underway on a couple of parallel projects, but more people are involved there – a whole community of several hundred people who share ideas, interesting ideas and tips with each other.

On this page you can download the game Apocalypse The Game torrent free on PC.



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