Anno 1404

System requirements Anno 1404

Windows OS: XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz
RAM: 1 Gb
Video Card: 128 Mb


Anno 1404

Anno 1404 is Ubisoft Montreal’s response to another game in a similar genre of city building, SimCity from Electronic Arts. However, to create this project, a slightly different style was used. Despite this, you still have to feel how difficult it is to be not only the mayor, but also the governor. You will move to the very beginning of the fifteenth century.

If you studied world history, you probably know that then, the conquest of the seas was just beginning to gain momentum, so it is not surprising that quite a lot of attention was paid to this topic. But this is such a thing, the main theme of this project is to build your own city, more precisely a fort, and possibly even an empire. Who knows, it all depends on you. The main thing is not to forget that you should be a good governor who listens to his inhabitants, and not blindly pursues his own desires.

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The era of the Middle Ages was approaching its logical conclusion, the last crusades were completed, and the feudal masses began to submit to government officials. Now in the minds of people adventure and travel, they are eager to see new lands, having learned what is there, beyond the horizon. Starts to rapidly develop shipbuilding. Each sufferer wants to gain wealth, dreaming of treasures and gold, which hides far into the sea.

You are invited to take up the construction of one of the Venetian towns, taking control of it and starting a development path that will make it a powerful and wonderful habitat for any traveler, and opponents would be afraid to come close to the walls of your empire. The developers have created a story campaign, consisting of dozens of unique missions, gradually developing your town.

Ubisoft could not be in the shadow of Electronic Arts for a long time, so they decided to release their version of the city mayor’s simulator for PC, called Anno 1404. But, unlike its competitor, the game has slightly different goals. It presents the player with the management of the city of the fifteenth century, when there were no cars, electricity and people were not threatened by global warming.

But sometimes the residents themselves do not know what they want, therefore, to make life easier for those who will play Anno 1404 for the first time, the developers have applied a special technology, thanks to which, they show you the emotions that the townspeople are currently experiencing, this makes it easier to determine further buildings. You will need to improve the manufactory and conduct roads around the buildings. Yes, and residential areas should be no less than workers. After all, workers need to sleep somewhere, in addition to working. If you do not give up, then on the territory of your PC, you can get the largest empire that is possible.

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