Anna’s Quest

System requirements Anna’s Quest:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
CPU: 2 GHz
Video card: 256 MB (Nvidia GeForce 205 / AMD Radeon HD 3400)
Hard disk space: 1, 4 GB


Anna’s Quest

A game product called Anna’s Quest was released in 2015, and is designed for the PC platform. Its creator was igrodely from Krams Design, who presented him as a licensed quest. The game turned out to be quite entertaining, enjoyable, and installing it on your computer, you will not take up much space. She goes without lag, with smooth animation. Download Anna’s Quest via torrent it will be able to anyone who uses the services of this gaming portal.
The game describes the adventures of the main character, which is a little girl. Now let’s look at the game, so to speak, in the context.

More about the game

If you decide Anna’s Quest to download the torrent, then be prepared for the fact that you are waiting for incredible adventures. You will find yourself in the middle of a dark forest, surrounded by a little girl Anna and her grandfather. They are engaged in growing crops, working together in the garden, and then grandfather goes outside the forest to sell the grown products.

The girl does not leave the forest, and is familiar with the outside world only from stories. As she was told that evil reigns there, but she really wants to see everything with her own eyes. Their life went on until one unpleasant day. Grandpa felt really bad. This very upset the girl, because the girl is an orphan, and only her grandfather has. What should she do in this situation – to independently treat him, or to go for help outside the dark forest?

If you decide that this is what the quest will contain, then you are very mistaken. All events will begin later.

The girl decides to go for help, but something terrible will happen to her along the eerie forest. She feels the unpleasant glances of an unknown being on herself, who will then abduct her. It is very difficult to understand the reason for the abduction, and all the versions that will pop up in your mind will turn out to be wrong.

The girl has a unique ability to telekinesis, and that is what became the reason for the witch to leave the girl at home. She wants to use the girl’s abilities for her own purposes. What exactly is she up to?

This story has many secrets, in particular, how does the hag intend to use the telekinesis of the main character? Download Anna’s Quest via torrent, we offer from our game portal, which presents a licensed version of the game. Its developers are Krams Design, who tried their best to ensure that every gamer was able to enjoy a good walker.

The game turned out to be quite interesting, entertaining, and provides you with the opportunity to solve other important puzzles hidden in the game. Surprises await you, and managing the character in the person of the little girl Anna will bring you a pleasant impression of the game. Passing through the forest, you will meet different entities, opponents and allies, and you will be able to unravel some of the secrets that the eerie and dark forest holds in itself. You can also download games of various topics on our website.

On this page you can download the game Anna’s Quest via torrent for free on PC.



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