Animal Shelter

System requirements Animal Shelter

64-bit processor and operating system required
OS: Windows 7 64 Bit / Windows 8 64 Bit / Windows 10 64 Bit.
Processor: Intel Core i3 3.0 GHz.
Video card: NVidia GeForce GTX 970.
DirectX: Version 11.
Disk space: 16 GB.

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Animal Shelter

Today you have a fascinating project called Animal Shelter with a completely original genre focus. It is made in the format of an animal protection simulator. The main task for you will be to find a haven for homeless animals. Yes, the task is very, very difficult. First of all, you can understand how much effort is being made to help abandoned or wounded animals that helped people accomplish their tasks.

More about the game

It is necessary to adhere to hygiene conditions and maintain the level of health of all pets. For example, imagine this situation: a stray dog ​​came to the shelter. She looks very dirty, and most certainly she has a contagious disease. You need to use a special tool to wash the dog, comb it, conduct research, heal the wounds so that it starts to look quite well-groomed and homely. Yes, there will be plenty of work, and before you start playing, you need to download the Animal Shelter torrent on our site for free.

Story line

Bathe animals. The veterinarian must take certain measures in order to improve the condition of his patients, and the main guarantee will be adherence to hygiene rules. Clean their paws, because then the animal’s mood will be much better. Be sure to protect them, because animals have their own wild side, and you, as the administrator and responsible for them, must do everything so that it does not wake up. Make sure that the conditions of detention are good and that they treat their pets properly.

Game process

In the game Animal Shelter, you can arrange walks with them, because then the animals turn into very energetic and mobile, in addition, their mood will definitely get better. Believe me, they all need care, attention and affection, the only way to take care of our smaller brothers. We have already told you what you will do throughout the game. The most basic thing is to follow the necessary instructions and achieve positive results.

Also, you will not only take care of your animals, but also expand the nursery. Because there are more and more homeless people and you need to think about how to increase its area for new residents. This will be done for free and you don’t need to worry about the financial side or discomfort. The main thing is to provide everything necessary for your pets, and then, if possible, find him new good owners.

Game features

But the problems still do not decrease. However, they can easily be turned into opportunities when you invest in your equipment in Animal Shelter and expand it to the required size. Animals need a sensitive and responsive heart, because they have seen so little good in their lives. And each of them has character traits, so you need to follow this, too. The ultimate goal of all this will be to find a new home for the animal, and then you need to make sure that the new owners will not be the same as the old ones. Take care of each of them, because no one will do this except you.

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