Angry Angry DAD

System requirements Angry Angry DAD

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel core 2 duo
RAM: 1024 MB RAM
Video Card: Nvidia Gtx
Disk space: 1024 MB


Angry Angry DAD

A computer game project called Angry Angry DAD has a high share of humor, and was created specifically for participation in the UE4 Spring Jam contest. Users will be able to test their strengths by managing a dad, on whose shoulders easily a lot of things and worries. But instead of household chores, the character prefers to spend time in an armchair with beer in his hands and watch football matches.

More about the game

The game Angry Angry DAD is presented in the genre of a simulator of an abnormal dad. Perhaps he is kind, he was once, but over time, his life completely changed him. Or maybe life is not at all to blame, but the whole thing is in the child? After all, the baby does not leave dad alone, and every minute he tries to be near him. The game will delight in fun and exciting gameplay. The authors tried to create a high-quality and unique project, because it was being prepared for the competition.

What is interesting for a typical daddy? Certainly not a change of diapers! He likes to spend his time watching TV while drinking beer. All of his plans are violated by a child, requiring dad’s attention and active participation in all children’s affairs. A playful child likes to do dirty tricks, and dad will be convinced of this from his own experience. The comic nature of the project can be seen not only in the situations and behavior of the heroes, but even in the schedule, as well as in how the hero solves complex problems.

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