Anger Foot


System requirements Anger Foot:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
Disk space: 5 GB

Anger Foot

ANGER FOOT is a fast-paced, hardcore shooter in which you will have to go through levels, destroying numerous enemies. It is noteworthy that instead of a conventional gun, sword or samurai katana, the developers propose to use … the main character’s leg as a weapon. Yes Yes. You heard right, the character has a very powerful leg, with which he will crucify everyone who gets in his way.

More about the game

The plot of this game is very interesting. Actually, there is no particular need for it. It is enough to understand the essence of the task, which is to quickly and cunningly kill numerous enemies who have settled in an intricate labyrinth with a gloomy entourage. All that is required of you is to constantly move forward, studying everything that comes your way. There is nothing particularly difficult here, but despite this, the gameplay will provide you with a lot of fun and a boost of vivacity.


With a kick, you can not only destroy enemies, but also kick down doors and simply cause incredible chaos, which is simply impossible to convey in words. Anger Foot also features excellent physics and realistic animation. So, if you correctly calculate the trajectory of the broken door, then you can not only move forward, but also kill the gaping enemy.

Game Features

And the creators of the shooter took care of the creation of numerous weapons. By the way, there are no bullets here. Therefore, as soon as you shoot the clip, the useless weapon can be thrown at the enemy. In general, you will find a lot of action, fun and drive.

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