Ancient Siberia

System requirements Ancient Siberia

OS: Windows 7 +
Processor: Intel Pentium G3xxx +
Video card: GeForce 550 Ti +
DirectX: Version 10.
Disk space: 10 GB.
Sound Card: EAX 2.0 support.


Ancient Siberia

The world of Great Tartary includes a game map of 400 square kilometers. Centuries-old forests, green valleys and ancient snow-capped mountains await the brave adventurers. In Ancient Siberia you will not only explore the land, but also go down to the underwater depths. And don’t forget the moody weather! Even a clear sunny day can turn into a rainy storm or a terrible snowstorm.

Character leveling

If you decide to download the Ancient Siberia torrent from us, then at the beginning of the game you control a child who grows up as he progresses and acquires the necessary skills. The interesting thing is that while you are playing as a child, no one can kill you, but you cannot take part in PvP battles. Leveling a character depends on the player’s actions – for example, sword fights improve the corresponding skill, etc. Remember also that after death the player loses all the contents of his backpack.

Role system

Each action affects the future of the Ansiberian hero. If you choose to attack defenseless villagers and rob merchants, you will become a bandit who will be offered double the price for his head. Remember that every decision you make has consequences.

Combat system

Hardcore slasher – this is how we characterize the combat system in the game. Dodge and carry out various powerful attacks, learn the skill of using one-handed and two-handed weapons.

Water transport

Players have the opportunity to build ships that are useful for transporting goods or participating in large-scale battles. In addition, you can always board a vessel you like and become its new captain. We are going to include this feature in the game as soon as possible.


In the world of Ancient Siberia, you have the opportunity to choose a suitable place for your future home, which will become your permanent refuge, where you can store chests with your goods. The construction system is easy to learn, but don’t forget about taxes, woodworking and finding the right tools to build as survival simulators follow real-life rules.

Hidden quest system

There are many secret quests hidden on the map. They are not marked in any way, however, during your adventures, you will occasionally find strange buildings and unusual elements of the surrounding world. And only your attentiveness will help lead you to hidden quests, the reward for which are unique types of weapons and armor. This system will be implemented as soon as possible. The game promises to be interesting, so you can download Ancient Siberia via torrent for free on our website.

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