Ancient Cities


System requirements Ancient Cities:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
OS: Windows 10
Processor: i5
Video card: 2GB discrete GPU with OpenGL 4.4 support
Disk space: 2 GB


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Ancient Cities

We present you the game Ancient Cities. City planning simulators at one time were in great demand and offered a huge scope for the implementation of their own ideas. The players built, created true masterpieces and just enjoyed the pastime. True, in recent years, such projects have become very few and the players gradually began to forget about this genre. True, now new developers are ready to correct the situation, who are maximally devoted to their creation and are ready to do everything for the sake of having fun.

More about the game

We are leading to the fact that soon it will be possible to download Ancient Cities via torrent for free from our site – a game that offers to actively build a small settlement of ancient people. Various wooden dwellings, a fence, simple primitive things and much more. All this will now become available to the player, as the culture itself and the peculiarities of that time, if they were, and they were present, however, in a slightly specific format. This diversity will be supported by a modern management system with its own characteristics, complexities and calculations.

Game features

The construction of your personal city will be protracted and will require several generations of people.
In Game implements a system of seasons, as well as a dynamic system of changing day and night.
The vastness of this world has its own ecosystem, taking into account the season, conditions and features of the player’s activity.
You should also beware of natural disasters.
Don’t forget to defend the city.
City planning has no boundaries, do everything as you see fit.
Special achievements.
The presence of miracles.
There is a technology system.
Implemented political, religious, social and family structure.
Each person is special and has their own characteristics, skills and views.
Complex structured economy.
There is a strength indicator that brings many problems.
Simulation of the world and taking into account the characteristics of each settlement.

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