An Evil Existence

System requirements An Evil Existence:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz
Video card: GeForce 470 / Radeon 6870 HD series
Disk space: 13 GB


An Evil Existence

Hartley’s house has long looked abandoned, but the constant light and fuss of strange personalities haunt curious explorers of the most creepy places. A young couple, who were obsessed with social networks, have long dreamed of visiting this house and filming everything for their page on the social network. And today they still decided to go on this adventure, which in the future they will greatly regret. In the game An Evil Existence, you have to control a guy who must by any means save himself and his soul mate from the hands of the distraught Hartleys, who have long lost their minds, but continue to keep the terrible truth of their mansion a secret.

More about the game

The first thing you have to do is explore the large mansion. You will wander through the rooms, try to film the strangest places and try to put on a fun show. True, when a young couple go down to the basement and meet with the residents of the mansion, it becomes no time for jokes, because now their survival, which will constantly be on the edge, is becoming an urgent issue. All you have to do is to effectively use any of your opportunities and try to achieve a favorable result, which will surely delight thrill-seekers. And to quickly plunge into this adventure, you just need to download An Evil Existence via torrent on your PC for free.

Puzzles and battles

As soon as the young couple crossed the threshold, they immediately became participants in a terrible and dangerous game. You have to use all available means, actively analyze all your capabilities and try to collect useful items. For example, be sure to find a weapon, since the inhabitants of the mansion only appear if they are going to attack their victims and turn their bodies into ordinary pieces of meat. You often have to fight to the death with them.


If the inhabitants of the mansion are ready to withstand any damage and damage, then the main character can lose consciousness from several cuts. Therefore, if you are ready to take an active part, then we suggest you simply download the torrent An Evil Existence on your PC and go on an exciting and chilling adventure. The dangerous journey may end well, or it may leave the secret of the mansion in the hearts of the deceased young couple. Everything will depend on your decisions and actions, good luck.

Game features

A dangerous adventure with unexpected turns and dismemberment.
Despite the fact that the inhabitants are grandfather and grandmother, they are quite hardy and extremely dangerous.
The mansion hides many secrets, try to reveal them all.

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