Among Us Origin

System requirements Among Us Origin

OS: Windows 7 SP1 +
Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 250 MB


Among Us Origin

Fans of active adventure and exploration will love the game project Among Us Origin. At the moment, work on its creation is still underway, the developers are introducing their original ideas, but you can already judge the game, since some information about game moments is known, a trailer is available. It is the trailer that will tell about many nuances, and show how the game product will look after release. Users will find themselves in a huge virtual world that is full of monsters, and consists of small settlements. The place of development is the sacred land of Babylon, so do not be surprised at the presence of religious and thematic battles and other elements.

More about the game

Having a religion will not be a restriction in your interactions. On the contrary, she will be in the role of faith and weapons, which will increase the character’s self-confidence, and will allow her to engage in battles and overcome terrible creatures. The plot of the game will also be interesting. He will tell you how the formation of power took place, and why monsters appeared, where evil came from, and other interesting points. Do not even think about skipping the computer game Among Us Origin, you must play it.

Game features

To plunge into the gameplay, and test your strengths and capabilities in it, immediately after the release, you must download Among Us Origin via torrent using our game portal. It is worth considering that a game project may fall under the gun of criticism and become an object of indignation, since it reveals the theme of religion. Jokes must be treated very carefully and joked delicately, many of your actions will fall into the category of crime. But sometimes it happens that after black PR the project gains unprecedented popularity. This means that you should not negatively respond in advance, or even abandon the game. Maybe Among Us will become your favorite computer game, enjoy adventures and other features of the virtual world. Visit Babylon in person, look at its majesty, find out how he lived at the time of creation.

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