American Hero


System requirements American Hero:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel / AMD
RAM: unknown
Video card: Nvidia GeForce / AMD Radeon
Disk space: 3 GB

American Hero

This is a fun, interactive 90s action movie, also called an FMV game, featuring cartoon-style villains, thrilling gunfights and seducing girls. Help or hinder. The main character is Timothy Bottoms, who plays the role of a retired intelligence officer – Jack. His task is to prevent the virologist Kruger from wanting to send the virus into the Los Angeles sewer system. A scientist who is able to make an antidote under threat and you need to find him and provide protection. If you are interested in the plot, we suggest downloading American Hero torrent for free.

Quick solutions

Players need to quickly make various decisions that can help or hinder the main character. You must, by all means, confront the enemy and release a dangerous virus that can control the minds of people in Los Angeles. The fate of the inhabitants and also the life of a scientist who owns an antidote to a threatening pathogen will depend on your actions. We invite you to take part in this intriguing action movie.

Main features of the game

The script was based on Hollywood standards.
By using appropriate lines of dialogue, the participants will be able to influence the storyline.
An addictive game for adults with violence and intimate scenes.
The FMV action movie is similar to a regular movie.
Full voice acting by famous actor Timothy Bottoms.

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