Alpha One


System requirements Alpha One

OS: Win 7 or greater
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: GTX 650
Disk space: 300 MB
Gamepad support: Full

Alpha One

This is an impressive real-time space strategy game in which you have to survive or defeat the enemy. Last hope! The story tells about the protagonist taking part in a space journey, which ultimately turned out to be a failure. One day, he wakes up from biostasis, in an unfamiliar galactic region. In desperation, he tries to find a way out of the stratified situation and decides to collect resources to create a galactic capsule. Luck smiles at him, and he discovers one mysterious crystalline substance, with the help of which it will be possible to develop a jump engine capable of delivering the hero to his native Earth, home. If you are intrigued by the plot, we suggest you download Alpha One torrent to your pc.

Find the way out

Exploring the territory, the character finds an incredible amount of resources, thanks to which new technologies can be created. But, at one point, he stumbles upon his supposed enemy – an intelligent race looking for the same resources as the hero. From now on, you have to find a method to control these systems and use their tools to study technology. You need, by all means, to defeat the enemy or survive until you return home. If you are curious how the story of the protagonist ends, we advise you to download Alpha One torrent for free.

Main features of the game

Epic aerial battles for resources.
Building and strategically placing warships on the map to protect the economy.
The game of cards gets harder each time.
Creation of a personal random card.
Customizing your own experience.

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