Alpha Hole Prison

System requirements Alpha Hole Prison

OS: Windows XP System Pack 1
Processor: 1GHz
Disk space: 2 GB
Sound Card: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card


Alpha Hole Prison

If you like specific adventures, then we suggest you pay attention to the Alpha Hole Prison game. We warn you right away that it is saturated with content for adults who have a positive attitude towards the love relationship of males. And if this does not scare you, then we suggest that you immediately start studying this game. It will tell the story of a man from Earth who accidentally became convicted of an intergalactic crime. As a result, he was sent to confinement in one large and dangerous prison. And in order to survive, he will have to use not only his magic spells, but also the willingness to seduce other prisoners so that they can protect him.

More about the game

The prison is known for keeping exclusively males, regardless of race. And due to the fact that there have never been and will never be women, local pleasure lovers are not averse to getting a friend who will be able to satisfy sexual fantasies. In return, they are ready to offer help, protection and other benefits. True, not everyone will go for this, and many of the representatives of the underworld will take by force those men that they like. And if you are ready for such an adventure, then you just have to download Alpha Hole Prison via torrent on your PC for free. Yes, the adventure promises to be extremely spicy, but no less interesting.

An unpredictable outcome

The most interesting part of this adventure is that you will not fully know the denouement of the whole story. Yes, you can influence her by making various decisions and conversations, but the final result will remain unknown until the end. Perhaps your hero will be able to escape from prison, perhaps he will become a local prostitute, or maybe even fly away to another planet, where he will be the wife of a humanoid dragon. In general, to find out, you have to download the Alpha Hole Prison torrent on your PC and you can actively achieve your goals.

Now only you have the right to decide what to do, what to do and where to look for answers. The game is full of spicy scenes and eroticism, it will be specific, but at the same time will delight fans of this direction. It’s up to you to decide whether to play this, we just wish you good luck and good mood!

Game features

atypical plot;
a large number of endings;
the presence of adult content;
erotic orientation;
unpredictable outcome.

On this page you can download the game Alpha Hole Prison torrent free on a PC.



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