Alchemist’s Awakening

System requirements Alchemist’s Awakening:

Operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
Processor: 2 GHz
Video card: OpenGL 2 compatible card with GB of memory, nVidia® 4XX + / AMD® 5XXX +
4 GB free hard disk space



Alchemist’s Awakening

This game project is dedicated to lovers of creative adventure games with elements of a simulator. Here is an open game world that you are free to modify yourself using your own alchemical abilities and abilities. You play as a young alchemist who, using only a few unusual elements, can completely change everything around him. Your hero is still inexperienced, so you as a player should help him use all the elements correctly. In the game Alchemist’s Awakening, download torrent in Russian which you can free of charge from our game portal, you will learn to turn elements into plates and blocks that will help you to defend against enemies and external influences. Get to know the open world, learn how to use alchemy correctly.


Your main character is just beginning to learn alchemy, and you must help him correctly use the nine elements. Such substances can also be mixed or used to combat enemies and foes. And with the accumulation of gaming experience, you can not only create objects of various shapes and place them in locations, you can also create living organisms, or resurrect unusual representatives of the fauna from the dead. They, in turn, will protect your alchemist from enemies. The blocks created after mixing different elements can be placed in a place convenient for you. With the help of them, it will be possible to create entire buildings, houses, even create cars and roofs of residential buildings. That’s just you need to learn how to mix all the alchemical elements. With the help of them you can even control the natural elements.


At the initial stage of the game, you must go through the training mode in order to learn how to use all your elements as soon as possible. If you are suddenly in danger, mix up some of the elements and create an unusual fire sphere that can be directed at your opponents. You can also control the wind, controlling its power, if suddenly the enemy will attack you on locations. Created with the help of alchemy, new living beings can be used as your main defenders. The experience of your alchemist increases with each game stage, so he will quickly master his alchemical abilities and completely change the game world around him. You can download the game Alchemist’s Awakening torrent for free on our games website. Now a few words about the features of the game.



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