Alaskan Truck Simulator

System requirements Alaskan Truck Simulator

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
RAM: 12 GB of RAM
Video card: NVidia GeForce GTX 760
Disk space: 15 GB


Alaskan Truck Simulator

The game Alaskan Truck Simulator is quite an interesting simulator in which you have to find yourself in snowy Alaska together with a character-driver. In the American state, you need not only to bring cargo, but also to clear roads here, to enjoy the surrounding landscapes. You have to drive a truck and drive across Alaska. Slippery roads, combined with poor visibility, make driving difficult and dangerous, which means that you cannot do without going through the training mode.

More about the game

Thanks to the realistic graphics of Alaskan Truck Simulator, users will be able to enjoy the beauty of the scenery. Take care of stocks of food and provisions. Also, do not forget to clear the road, otherwise you can get stuck for a long time and fail the task. Monitor the health of the car, and if necessary, repair it. In addition, you have to hunt, because there are many dangerous predators around, which are very dangerous for the hero. In general, wading with a load through snow-covered areas is not as easy as it seems. It is worth paying attention to the constant replenishment of tools, digging holes to pull the truck out of the snow. You have to work a lot and actively, and then you can achieve good success in this game.

Gameplay features

You will often have to use the map to find the correct, and most importantly, safe route. Keep track of the amount of fuel in the car so as not to get stuck on the way. The game Alaskan Truck Simulator, you can download the torrent for free now, also involves a constant replenishment of food and water. You need to be careful and monitor all indicators, as well as take into account climate variability. After all, he can bring many problems with him.

Story line

This version of the simulator will give you the opportunity to enjoy many interesting things, from winter landscapes to your own capabilities. Be careful with predators. You will try yourself not only as a driver, but also as a hunter. Compliance with the delivery time has not been canceled!

Game features

We have to act in a changeable climate. The cold will bring many problems and challenges, and nighttime snow storms can be tragic. Be careful, because with limited visibility, you can get into an accident.
Many missions. In addition to delivering goods, you need to monitor the technical condition of the truck.
Different roads. Clear your way, and keep track of the time, because the cargo must be delivered on time.

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