Airhack Hacking


System requirements Airhack Hacking

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 32 / 64bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66 GHz
Video card: Radeon HD 7500G / Intel HD Graphics 3000
Disk space: 600 MB


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Airhack Hacking

The Internet, digital technologies, today are an integral part of our life, without which we cannot imagine our present. Well, what if you don’t just use these technologies, but have learned how to manage them? Hack, manipulate and penetrate where access to ordinary mortals is limited? What if you are a digital genius who knows how to bypass passwords, steal sensitive information and transfer money from one account to another? Want to test your capabilities? Then you can safely download the torrent Airhack Hacking on your PC.

More about the game

In the story, you are a genius hacker – a spy whose task is to secretly serve the government of Ayrem. By order of your employer, you just have to hack systems in banks, completely destroy the security system of the world’s most powerful corporations in order to gain access to inside information, carry out various manipulations in the judicial system, as well as in the stock market, destroy the necessary evidence and substitute important people. Of course, you will immediately get access to world secrets, for which the employer will pay with bitcoins, but competitors will immediately want to find and destroy you.

Game features

Airhack Hacking takes into account all the challenges and difficulties that a modern hacker will have to face, while you have a huge field of maneuver. The developers of the spy “toy”, studio Airem give you the opportunity: to hack any accounts and transfer money to your wallet, create your own “Trojans” and viruses in order to penetrate computer systems, connect to the most complex and unique servers, track other hackers, your competitors and safely turn them over to the police in order to achieve primacy, find out the most terrible and most dangerous secrets of world leaders, which can then be resold for big money, work alone or with a partner, and also constantly monitor your rating in the table of the coolest hackers.

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