Air Missions HIND


System requirements Air Missions HIND

OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: DualCore – 2.5 GHz.
RAM: 2048 MB RAM
Video card: 1GB of video memory, compatible with DirectX10.1 and supporting ShaderModel 4.0.
DirectX: Version 10.
Disk space: 4000 MB.
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible.
Gamepad support: Full

Air Missions HIND

Military attacks carried out using a helicopter are the main concept of the new project Air Missions: HIND, it will be available for now on Xbox One, the game has already acquired a trailer, where you can clearly see the details of the game, as well as a planned release at the end of this year. Upon completion of development, users will be able to download the Air Missions HIND torrent. The game plot is designed for missions that will unfold beyond the Arctic Circle, in Afghanistan or even in Eastern Europe.


In war, you always have to be careful – difficulties in participating in a battle force the pilot to use all available means to counter missiles hitting the hull. In addition, for the sake of survival, a person is ready for anything, since the fear of perishing is maddening. But the protagonist is obliged to fulfill the mission, because promotion in military service presupposes courage and valor, especially when the enemy is foolish. Opponents use self-guided hand grenade launchers to hit flying vehicles, and this only confirms the fact that the territory must be cleared by you.

Game features

– 15 missions that can be completed while flying a Mi-24 helicopter.
– Decent territory for military battles.
– Mission objectives are to destroy certain objects – enemy bases and others.
– The helicopter is armed to the best standard – bombs, machine guns, etc.
– The creators promise to launch a multiplayer mode of co-op or competition.

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