Characteristics AIOSTREAM II

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Bit depth: 32 and 64 bit
English language



We present to your attention the program AIOSTREAM II – a revolutionary tool for music marketing! The program can in a short time increase the number of views, subscribers, likes, etc. of your songs. Also, this program can download, play, track, share, comment and like a package of songs, lists, users, etc. AIOStream will always constantly improve its updates every day, and this will greatly facilitate your work with music marketing! Now the program works with SoundCloud, Spotify, Napster, Deezer and iHeartRadio. You can run the tasks of these sites in one software at a time. And we add more sites like google music, apple music, tidal, etc.


We developed AIOSTREAM II as a very smart program that is very easy to use. You can create a simple task very quickly using the predefined task templates, you can also create very complex tasks by combining the main functions together (play, follow, unsubscribe, comment, search, receive content, etc.). All the basic functions have been developed and divided into basic modules, you can combine, mix and sort these modules to create any task that you want. Each output of one module can be used as input parameters of another module. This gives you the smartest way to customize your tasks.

Perfect scheldule task

We have provided a very smart schedule setting function. You can configure your tasks to start / delay / wait / pause / resume / stop for a specific date, execution time, hours, days, weeks and months, etc. …

Powerful account manager

The account manager in AIOSTREAM II makes it easy to save your accounts by category or campaign, you can see all the important details of the accounts in one table – very clear! When you select accounts for launching a task, you can select one or several categories of accounts for launching a task, this will help you to manage campaign accounts very well. The main functions in the form of an account manager are: adding an account category, adding an account, importing accounts, exporting accounts, deleting accounts, checking information about selected accounts, linking a proxy server to an account, setting a limit for using each account entries for each function at a specific time. ,

Smart data manager

Super intelligent data management function AIOSTREAM II, which allows you to add, import, install and use any type of data with functions on these sites. The result data of one function can be sent to new functions for use and to obtain new results. For example, you can run a search task to find people who like your song, and then run another task to follow those people who like your song, and then you can also run message tasks to send these people a private message . And the program uses a local database to store all the data, which means that it can manage huge data for you.

On this page you can download AIOSTREAM II via torrent for free on PC.



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