AI War 2 The Spire Rises

System requirements AI War 2 The Spire Rises:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Dual Core 64bit (2.2+ GHz)
Video Card: GTX 510 / Radeon HD5900 / Intel HD4000 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 2 GB



AI War 2 The Spire Rises

Cosmic open spaces tremble again, as a new war is coming in their open spaces. Do not think that now you are once again offered event-rich activities that in one moment can cause the total destruction of all living things. On the contrary, now the situation will be as unpredictable as possible, since in the war two large and powerful factions will collide, which certainly will not tolerate any disrespectful attitude towards themselves. They have already prepared their armies and do not intend to retreat. In the game AI War 2 The Spire Rises you have to choose one of the parties and try to lead it to victory. The battle promises to be brutal and dangerous, so you should not waste time and just start the massacre.

More about the game

Just want to note the main advantage of this adventure, which is that now you have to go to conquer space. Both fractions are already in a state of full combat readiness. It is enough for them to simply find a captain who can effectively lead the troops, direct them in the right direction and even come up with cunning tactics. Dozens of various units that intend to destroy their rivals will be available for use. But it is worthwhile to understand that inefficient management can lead to total defeat. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately download AI War 2 The Spire Rises via torrent to PC for free and take control of the army.

Fierce battles

If you are used to seeing ordinary space battles using only a few ships, now the situation will radically change. The factions that fight for power are quite influential and dangerous. They have huge armies and are ready to fight to the last to win. Therefore, you will witness how hundreds of different units fight in one place. The main thing is to manage to give commands and remember the specifics of a given set of units. Remember that after you decide to download the AI ​​War 2 The Spire Rises torrent to your PC, there will be no way back.

Game features

The time has come to demonstrate your unique command skills. We are sure that you will achieve success, but for this you have to make a lot of effort and just try to achieve success. Are you ready for such a turn of affairs? Then do not waste time and just start acting. Choose a faction and lead it to victory.

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