AI Shoujo


System requirements AI Shoujo:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i3 4000
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700
Disk space: 15 GB

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AI Shoujo

AI Shoujo invites you to relax and bask in the sun. In fact, this project is about survival, but such a survival can only be dreamed of. A beautiful picturesque setting, an islet that can be turned into a shard of paradise. The character settings, thanks to the efforts of the authors, are simply great. It can be a cure for boredom and loneliness. Once in the given conditions, you can create a partner for yourself and go through all the hardships of life far from civilization together.

More about the game

In AI Shoujo / AI warm and tender sun of the tropics, green mysterious jungle, lapping waves and cries of birds. All this resembles a vacation, if you want to spend it even more comfortably, you have to work hard. There is an opportunity to engage in construction, the extraction of the necessary resources, the creation of all conditions that will make your life more comfortable. Use the crafting system and explore territories. Gradually, slowly, you can create whatever your heart desires.


Still, the main cherry on the cake of this project is the dream girl, which you can create yourself, according to your ideas. Let it be a fantasy and a prank, but so attractive and beautiful. It’s up to you how far your games go. The AI ​​in the game is decent, you will not get bored with such a girlfriend, she will also become a reliable assistant.

Game features

The hero settings are amazing.
Create a partner and go through all the tests with him. It is likely that this will be much easier for you.
Build, get the necessary resources, create conditions for incredible comfort. All this is in your hands.
Apply the crafting system provided in the project. Explore the lands. Do not hurry. You can do everything in a measured rhythm.
The main cherry of this project is an amazing girl. You can create it yourself according to certain ideas.
It can be prank and fantasy. But she will be beautiful and attractive. Your games may well go far enough. You will not be bored with this girl. She will actively help you.

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