Age of Mythology Extended Edition

System requirements Age of Mythology Extended Edition

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 1.6 Ghz;
Video card: 3D accelerator with 128 MB of memory
Free space on hard drive: 2.6 GB


Age of Mythology Extended Edition

In this game you will be transported to those times when people still worshiped great deities. It will be an age of myths and legends! Can’t wait to start an exciting adventure? Then rather, go to our website to download the Age of Mythology Extended Edition torrent there. There will be mythology and history, and this is always exciting, especially in the game. Therefore, a project in which mythology is used as the basis for the storyline is doomed to success. That is what Age of Mythology has become. The game is made in real-time strategy format, which is very popular today in the market of interactive entertainment. Here are collected many myths and legends of Ancient Greece, Egypt and other countries.

More about the game

The presented project contains the entire golden collection of games of the most popular and cult strategy in real time. Here, just awesome gameplay, gorgeous graphics and voice acting. And all this is in balanced proportions that allow you to bring the game to a completely different level of quality. This project was created on the basis of such cult hits among the interactive industry as Age of Empires and Age of Kings. In truth, the project Age of Mythology Extended Edition has every chance to take pride of place in the collection of any gamer. Here are collected the stories of nine different peoples of the world, each of them had their own talents, features and values.

Game features

The style is completely different, so you definitely will not be bored. You will go through all the epic battles that these peoples survived, you will feel the atmosphere of antiquity and greatness. If you liked this opportunity, then rather follow the link to our website to download the Age of Mythology Extended Edition torrent there. You can take under your leadership any of the nationalities represented, and also get the opportunity to create creatures that can destroy everything in this world. It’s about the titans. Battles involving these giants turn into large-scale battles, and enemies simply tremble with fear at the mention of them.

The visualization in the game is clearly debugged: the time of day is changing, there are relief and mirror maps. Improved global lighting, shadows, external occlusion, etc. Various mythological creatures, such as centaurs, cyclops, and many others, can feed your army. You can ask for divine intervention in the destruction of enemy settlements.

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