Afraid Project

System requirements Afraid Project

OS: Windows XP or later.
Processor: 2Ghz or faster processer.
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Video card: 512MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce) There can be problems with INTEL graphic cards.
DirectX: Version 8.0.
Disk space: 250 MB.
Additional Notes: To play normally, screen must be no smaller than 1280×720.

Afraid Project

If you think you know perfectly well the whole system of life, then there is probably a catch. After all, today, in the game Afraid Project, you have to find out the fates of several people at once who have mysteriously become interconnected. It will be about drug dealers and drug couriers, which this time were woven by fate. One went to jail for small supplies and began to cooperate with the investigation, the second became a recruiter, and the third did not even suspect what he was doing. And what is most interesting, this story will affect each of the listed characters. It will be enough just to be active and achieve success.

More about the game

The main feature of this adventure will be a story that will allow you to get acquainted with amazing twists and turns. To do this, it will be enough just to download the Afraid Project torrent on your PC, and then you can start observing the narration. You will have a direct impact by making decisions that will ultimately influence the development of the plot. You will delight in dialogues, staging and flexible development of events. I would just like to suggest that you do not waste time and begin to actively explore all the possibilities and proposed options for resolving issues.

Responsive gameplay

The second curious feature is the strong influence on the story. After you decide to download Afraid Project on your PC via torrent for free, you have to closely monitor everything that happens and try to be active. After all, even one slightest action can have an impact and it will not always be beneficial. After all, you can accidentally destroy everything by accident or bring it to a total loss. Therefore, it is enough to be extremely careful and not rush into your decisions.

Story line

Now the story of the three heroes will cease to be secret and will delight you with its unique and rather interesting outcomes. Who would have thought that even a simple courier job can lead to unexpected consequences and tie several destinies into one. In general, you can feel free to dive into the adventure, try to solve problems and just move towards success. We are confident that you will succeed!

Game features

flexible plot development;
nice visual style;
the opportunity to show your best side;
three fates of different people;
the mysterious corporation behind it all.

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