Aery – Sky Castle

System requirements Aery – Sky Castle:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 (AMD FX 8350)
Video card: GTX600
Disk space: 2 GB

Aery – Sky Castle

If you love freedom and want to enjoy freedom, then we suggest you not to waste time and go on the adventure of Aery – Sky Castle. Thanks to its new capabilities, it will be possible to enjoy the beautiful environment and enjoy the gaming activity, which will amaze with its detail and elaboration. This time you have to go on an adventure in which you will need to take on the role of a beautiful little bird. She has to fly around the area and try to effectively use all her capabilities to get to the cherished island. You have to fly and try to explore all the available environment that will allow you to achieve a favorable result.

More about the game

It’s time to go on a new adventure that will delight you with its details and other interesting features. A huge beautiful world offering to enjoy the islands and vast forests, mountains and even caves. All this was created taking into account a variety of possibilities that will delight not only with bright colors, but also with an unusual combination of little things that will allow you to achieve a favorable result, enjoy impressions and just get a whole burst of new emotions. We suggest you not to waste time and just download Aery – Sky Castle via torrent on your PC for free.

Research is the key to success

The main feature of your adventure will be that you can carefully explore every corner of your world. You will be able to create a unique map that will become the basis for new travels. More specifically, it will be enough just to be curious and fly to the most unfortunate places to collect bonus points and enjoy every moment of the game.


Don’t worry, this kind of adventure has always caused a flurry of emotions and pleasure. It remains only to download the torrent Aery – Sky Castle on your PC and you can safely move forward. The flight of a bird is perfect because it allows you to experience true freedom. Thanks to this orientation, it will be possible to enjoy every available moment of the game and simply get aesthetic pleasure. The main thing is to be careful and not lose your composure.

Game features

A spacious world with different interesting details and nuances.
The ability to control the bird and feel the complete freedom of your movement.
The ability to fly into even the most remote and hidden corner of this virtual world.
A colorful world with a nice mix of visual details and other additions.

On this page you can download the game Aery – Sky Castle torrent free on a PC.



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