Aerate Pro 2.0.1

System requirements Aerate Pro 2.0.1

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Aerate Pro 2.0.1

Easily compress your images without losing quality. Aerate offers the industry’s best default mode as well as new fast and extreme presets. Switch quickly between modes using the new compression slider. Aerate also includes a first-of-its-kind multi-core mode that lets you take full advantage of your CPU’s capabilities while compressing images at the same time. Exclusively available in Aerate Pro 2.0.1.

More about the program

To speed up your site, you can analyze each page: optimize HTTP requests and any redirects, compress scripts and styles, etc. These are undoubtedly necessary, but the basics are important first. In particular, are you sure that any graphics you use are fully optimized for the web?

Key features

Batch Compression – Compress a folder or stack of images at the same time.
Support for PNG and JPG – Category leading support for PNG compression, as well as support for JPG with loss setting.
View Results – Easily view and save images individually.
Convert PSD to JPG – With Aerate, you can easily convert PSD to JPG. They can even be included in the package.
File Extensions – Automatically assign a custom extension to compressed files.
Remove JPG Metadata – Aerate can automatically remove JPG metadata, including in bulk processes.
PNG to JPG Conversion – You can easily convert PNG images to JPG after conversion to get the best results.
Dark Mode – Aerate includes a beautiful new dark mode that can be customized in the settings.

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