Adventures of Pip

System requirements Adventures of Pip

OS: Windows XP SP2.
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.1 or higher.
Video card: Intel video graphics card 2000/3000 256MB.
Disk space: 550 MB.


Adventures of Pip

The arcade platformer Adventures of Pip, presented to the attention of gamers by the Tic Toc Games game studio, is an excellent game that is characterized by an old school. The best employees of the studio worked on it, and embodied their imagination in a quality and interesting way. It may well be called a retro game, which was characteristic of the last decades of the last century. If nostalgia has surged over you and you want to play this platformer, you can download the game Adventures of Pip torrent without leaving the page of this site. Let’s try to briefly describe the features of the game.

More about the game

The pixel kingdom is the place where events will unfold. In reality, it does not exist. It is under the control of the Skeletal Queen, who stole the Princess, who owns the throne. Your character will be a pixel pip. He is very similar to all his brothers, and has no special differences. He can be described as a brave one, ready to donate, able to give his life, if only the Princess was saved. The power given to the hero by the Phantom Knight gives him almost unlimited possibilities. He can eat pixels-enemies, take away their strength, and at the same time get an additional source of energy and power, as well as a large expansion. Characterized by the game Adventures of Pip the presence of classic tricks and elements in this genre. Some may even compare it to the popular Mario Bros and other games.

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